Relaunching “Wings for Metamorphosis”

This year we have relaunched our signature program “Wings for Metamorphosis” with the goal of orchestrating our efforts towards specific social and environmental causes in which we believe and look forward to contributing for the betterment of our Costa Rican society and its people. This year we will focus our contributions on 2 key social projects that we have supported for the past few years and where we believe we are fulfilling our promise of “transforming lives with butterflies”.

1. Butterfly garden inside San Rafael Hospital in Alajuela:

Since 2010, Dr. Luis García took the lead on a very exciting project: to create a space within the hospital where both patients and doctors could visit and enable the transformation of the spirit of those who spent a few minutes in close interaction with the butterflies and nature. CRES and other institutions helped to make this dream possible, and since then, we have been supplying butterflies on a weekly basis to keep this dream running.


During our visit to the garden, Dr. García expressed great gratitude for our support over these years since this project runs completely on donations from people or organizations like us and a constant input of butterflies is key to keep it running.


A NEW EMERGENCE CHAMBER! As part of our visit, we offered to install a new emergence chamber where butterflies can succeed in their emergence. Whope to share more news AND PICTURES! about this in the future.



butterfly garden costa rica hospital
External view of the Hospital Butterfly Garden



butterfly garden costa rica hospital
1- Gerlinde and Ily with Dr. García

2- From left to right: Dr. García, Sergio Siles (CRES Operations Mgr.), Gerlinde Blaese (CRES European Representative), Ily Cascante (CRES Operations Supervisor), and Yenory Castro (Hospital Assistant Director)


2. School supplies for 15 kids in our hometown La Guacima

CRES has always been located in a town called La Guácima in Alajuela, and 30 years ago when we started operations in this rural area, it was the only “business” in town. This opened the opportunity for many local people to join and prosper as part of our team.  In fact, 15 out of 18 of our current employees live in this town. We feel very committed to the social progress of this community and we find it is always a good time to “GIVE BACK” TO OUR NEIGHBORS.


Over many years, CRES and its employees have joined forces to provide school supplies to students from families that have difficulties to afford their basic supplies to start a new year at school.  This year we subsidized the basic supplies for 15 boys and girls from our local town school to help them start this new year with the right “wing” 


To celebrate this, on Feb 2nd 2018, we invited them to visit our office to learn more about what we do and spend some time with our management team: Joris Brinckerhoff (President & Founder), Sergio Siles (Operations Manager), Gerlinde Blaese (European representative), Ily Cascante (Ops Coordinator), Maureen Arguedas (Quality Supervisor).


Butterfly Garden in Hospital San Rafael

Gerlinde Blaese and Joris Brinckerhoff sharing some words with the kids!

We had the opportunity to share a few words about the importance of continuing with their studies and we invited them to see their transformation from kids to adults reflected in the magical metamorphosis of a butterfly!

Sergio and Mau

Sergio and Mau in the best part of the day: the scholarship offered!

We feel excited about being able to contribute in this humble way to these 15 kids and their families, and we hope you can join us in wishing them great success in this new year!

Ily on a guided tour for all the kids

Ily on a guided tour for all the kids in our facilities and sharing more about what we do!