2018 Annual Butterfly Breeders Meeting

Every year we invite all the butterfly breeders in our network to join us in an open dialogue where we discuss the results of the previous year and share some information that allows them to prepare in the best way possible for the new year ahead.

Considering the importance of this meeting in preparation for an exciting 2018 season, we had the opportunity to meet with over 60 breeders on January 31st, 2018. As part of our commitment to all our farmers in terms of transparency & close communication, we shared the results of our exports in 2017, and ideas on how they could improve their production levels & quality. We invited them as well to try new species that help to bring more variety to all our clients worldwide.

We are committed to this group of humble and hardworking people who make possible all of what we do and, considering the leadership role that CRES has played over many years with this network of farmers, we will always be listening to their needs and finding solutions to their challenges.

Butterfly exports in Costa Rica are possible due to their efforts, and it’s our responsibility to stand on their side.