Oct, 18 | 2018

We would like to share with you some of our key accomplishments of the year 2018 that we are certain will possitively change the way we work and provide service to all our clients in the years to come!

  1. 4 New species were firmly reintroduced into our regular deliveries of pupae: Myscelia Ethusa, Zaretis Itys, Anteos Clorinde, and Tithorea Tarricina. Some of them
  2. ...
Jul, 31 | 2018

As you have read in the past edition of the “Flutterings”, during the IABES conference held in Holland in October 2017, many speakers (including myself) had the opportunity to share our perspectives around different topics that have an impact in our industry, and actively involve the audience to take part of the discussions. 

Considering the audience...

Mar, 19 | 2018

Every year we invite all the butterfly breeders in our network to join us in an open dialogue where we discuss the results of the previous year and share some information that allows them to prepare in the best way possible for the new year ahead.

Considering the importance of this meeting in preparation for an exciting 2018 season, we had the opportunity to meet with over 60 breeders...

Mar, 19 | 2018

This year we have relaunched our signature program “Wings for Metamorphosis” with the goal of orchestrating our efforts towards specific social and environmental causes in which we believe and look forward to contributing for the betterment of our Costa Rican society and its people. 

This year we will focus our contributions on 2 key social projects that we have...

Jun, 17 | 2016

Philip James DeVries PhD (born March 7, 1952) is a tropical biologist whose research focuses on entomology and evolution, especially butterflies. His best-known work includes symbioses between caterpillars, ants and plants, and community level biodiversity of rainforest butterflies.

During the late 1970s, DeVries was a curator of Lepidoptera at the...

Apr, 12 | 2016

This article is a continuation of the previous post by Life Sciences Volunteer Terry Pagos about her visit to butterfly farms in Costa Rica with her host, Paola Vargas Salas, export manager of Costa Rica Entomological Supply (CRES).

While doing Lepidoptera research for the Natural History Museum in Costa Rica over 20 years ago, William Camacho Mendez met CRES founder Joris...

Apr, 12 | 2016

Almost every week this blog publishes a “Fresh Sheet” – a list of pupae we receive from distant countries to display in our Tropical Butterfly House. We know what happens after the pupae arrive but what happens before the pupae are shipped to Seattle?

Recently, Life Sciences Volunteer Terry Pagos went to Costa Rica for a birding expedition. Before her trip, she met up with Costa Rica...