2018 Key Accomplishments

We would like to share with you some of our key accomplishments of the year 2018 that we are certain will possitively change the way we work and provide service to all our clients in the years to come!

  1. 4 New species were firmly reintroduced into our regular deliveries of pupae: Myscelia Ethusa, Zaretis Itys, Anteos Clorinde, and Tithorea Tarricina. Some of them were scarce in our shipment, but this year we were able to work with our breeders to sustain and incentivize its production, which is not something easy to do!
  2. 6 New breeders were incorporated in our network: this year we were able to identify new breeders in our country after a successful Facebook campaign, which allows strengthen our production levels and the quality of the pupae we want to supply.
  3. Visits to our breeders: this year we drove over 6000 km in different tours to visit over 10 breeders located far from our hometown and that recently joined our network. These visits are helpful to identify ways to improve their quality, consistency and ensure we can better develop a trustful relationship with all of them. Some pics will be shared below.
  4. Successful delivery of a 1-day workshop with 30 breeders from our network who wanted to learn more about new breeding practices and how to improve their existing methods. A great way to share knowledge and ensure we can keep raising the bar in terms of quality and efficiency, especially since it was delivered by a highly respected Costa Rica biologist dedicated to butterflies.
  5. This year we incorporated 9 new clients to our family! This is very exciting since now we can share the magic of butterflies with more people! We thank those who believed in us and joined our family, and we hope we can collaborate more and more in the years ahead!
  6. New route to serve our European clients: since July 2018, we are exporting our pupae in a non-stop flight from Costa Rica to Frankfurt. This reduces the risks while the shipments are in transit across the Atlantic. This was achieved due to the incorporation of new flights from Costa Rica to more destinations around the globe.
  7. Pupae prices to our breeders were increased by +5% during 2018: after an important effort from CRES to increase our financial support to all the breeders in our network and directly impact the attractiveness of this activity in our country, we were able to pay higher pupae prices to our breeders while keeping the same selling price in all markets. We did this because we recognize how important this is for our industry and to firmly demonstrate our commitment to all of them.
  8. Very rewarding contributions made under our programWings of Metamorphosis”, especially supporting 1 new butterfly house in a public hospital in the country which is planned to be launched in October 2018, as well as supporting local kids at the beginning of their school cycle with their school supplies.