Our hometown soccer school received a gift for their effort

Committed to the development of our local community (La Guácima, Alajuela) and looking for ways to promote healthier activities for all children in our hometown, this year we were able to support & recognize the effort of all players from the local soccer school called “Nuestro Amo”.

Twenty-five children between the ages of 6 and 16 years old and participating in 2 separate leagues received a complete uniform and two soccer balls so they can be better prepared for tournaments they will attend during the year. 

On Sunday Feb 16th, all kids came for a special training day at their soccer field, where we were able to share some words with them, their parents, and most importantly to give them the set of uniforms so they could dress it for the first time. 

This type of project is extremely valuable in Costa Rica since soccer is the most popular sport in Costa Rica and many kids across the country find soccer a way to stay healthy and develop important skills for their lives. One aspect that we also aimed with this project was to bring support to our staff, since many have children that have been or currently are part of this soccer team, and we know how valuable it’s for them to have physically and emotionally healthy kids!

We hope you can celebrate with us this and we invite you to support you local communities as well! Let the game begin!