Status of the Butterfly Breeders Network as of November 2019

Over the past few years, we have intensified our attention on the breeders so we can proactively identify risks and opportunities and help them develop in the long run.


As part of these efforts, this year we have successfully updated our virtual map with the latest GPS location of each of the active butterfly breeders in our network, as of November 2019. Assisted with this map, we can easily visualize the areas and the total concentration of breeders across the country, as well as identifying new areas that could develop in the future to breed new species of butterflies and continue strengthening the network.


As we have said in the past, the distributed model developed & supported by CRES since 1984 is the key strength of why Costa Rica is a pioneer in butterfly farming compared to other countries around the globe.


We wanted to share this map with you because we strongly believe it’s a shared responsibility between suppliers and exhibits to protect and develop these breeders, which are clearly the basis and support of this activity. Without them, not even one single exporter in Costa Rica can last! This is how critical they are, and how important it’s this element of the ecosystem!


Clarification: This view only includes those breeders that currently work with CRES. There might be other breeders located in other regions around the country, but we estimate those “missing points” could add up to no more than 20-30 more points on top of our existing map.


Butterfly Breeders Map Video